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Dr. Lane Sebring: Negligent? (2024)

A primary care physician and integrated anti-aging specialist, Dr. Lane Sebring has over 20 years of clinical experience. He is a 13-year Paleo Diet nutrition expert. Additionally, Dr. Sebring has been an American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Board Examiner for over seven years. Dr. Sebring founded the Sebring Clinic in the exquisite Texas Hill Country…

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Dr. Richard Katz: Worst-Rated Surgeon in NY?(2024)

Dr. Richard Katz highlights his affiliations with a significant portion of the healthcare business to showcase his high-level services and self-promotion. However, your statistics give a different impression, suggesting that his stellar reputation might have been artificially enhanced by dishonest PR campaigns and ratings.  To make informed decisions about their healthcare provider in circumstances such…

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Is KontoFX a Scam? (2024)

However, EFRI is not in a position to determine whether or not these PSPs' participation in schemes violates any laws or regulations. However, audits must be conducted with the best interests of the harmed retail investors in mind. The capable supervisory authorities far too frequently overlook these scams and the payment processors behind them. In…

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