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Futurenet: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

In 2014, FutureNet emerged as a fraudulent operation disguised as a multi-level marketing platform offering huge profits via a matrix cycler technology. It entered the cryptocurrency space in 2017 with the introduction of FuturoCoin, which quickly crashed and caused investors to suffer large losses.  FutureNet, which was founded by Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern, scammed…

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Haiman Al Troudi: A Criminal? (2024)

The Swiss judicial authorities discovered a connection between the former Venezuelan minister's wife and mother-in-law and at least 40 million dollars that were deposited in eight bank accounts. One of the accounts was associated with a key negotiator of bribes and kickbacks between Odebrecht and the governments of Chávez and Maduro. Despite the fact that…

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Benny Marotta: A Scammer? (2024)

Benny Marotta, the well-known founder and CEO of Two Sisters Vineyards and Solmar Development Corp., is accused of far too many major offenses. FIRST CASE Argument Against His Two Enterprises In opposition to his two businesses, Solmar (Niagara) 2 Inc. and Two Sisters Resort Corp. The accusations center on the devastation of the forest…

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Jaime Carvallo

Jaime Carvallo- A Criminal? (2024)

It was discovered that Jaime Carvallo had participated in fraudulent behavior by exploiting the confidential personal information of his member firm's employees to create fictitious online bidding accounts at auction houses, which he then utilized to participate in auctions without their knowledge. Because of past unpaid items, the auction houses prohibited Jaime Carvallo from bidding,…

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scam Another Scam? (2024)

The rise of the Internet and the increasing reliance on digital platforms for various activities like work, socializing, and shopping have brought about a significant threat: online scams. These scams come in various forms, including phishing emails, fake websites, fraudulent online marketplaces, and social media deception. Victims of online fraud can suffer significant financial losses,…

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